Welcome to the Powerhouse Parenting™ Program!  Preparing our children to thrive in the real world now and as adults!

Powerhouse Parenting™ is a program developed by, 20+ year parent, educator, and coach, Bernie Audette, Ed.D. because he, along with many others, believe our nation is in a parenting crisis. Many children are now being parented in a way that robs them of the opportunity to grow into grounded, well-adjusted, resilient, independent adults capable of functioning in the real world. Dr. Audette has focused this program on providing millennial parents with advice, support, research-based parenting data, coaching, support, tutoring for children, and access to an online community of hardworking, purposeful parents to support their collective effort to raise independent, resilient, well-adjusted adults.

Congratulations!  By visiting with us today you have taken the first step to providing your child with the parenting advantages he/she deserves!  I look forward to working with you in our community of supportive parents all striving for the same thing:  being the best parents we can be for the blessings in our lives that are our children!

Happy Powerhouse Parenting™!

~ Dr. Bernie Audette